“100% professional teacher. After 2 minutes of class with daughters I signed them up. Hands down the best gym in the valley.”—Jason D. Dickey


“Excellent instruction. Friendly and helpful teammates. Classes offered at times that fit any schedule. My teenager (15) and I (44) are both doing Jiu-Jitsu for the first time, and we love it.”—Scott Baker


“Robert is a great instructor and like a gorilla on your back if you try to tap him out. Lol. Great guy, fun to roll with, and always excited to share his techniques and passion for BJJ with others. I’ve trained there several times and have had a blast each time. If you’re in the area – check it out. You’ll be glad you did. Without a doubt, Id train w him and his team any day!”—Michael Paden


“The coaches rock the matts and kick you into shape while teaching respect for not just a sport but a lifestyle!”—Amy Womer-Emam